Prince: Dave Chappelle cover for "Breakfast Can Wait," his new song, is touch of genius. (VIDEO)

Prince Put Dave Chappelle on the Cover of His New Single

Prince Put Dave Chappelle on the Cover of His New Single

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Aug. 19 2013 10:59 AM

Prince Put Dave Chappelle on the Cover of His New Single

As Forrest Wickman noted last week, Prince was great at Twitter as soon as Prince was on Twitter. A few days in, and he has already outdone himself:

“Game: Blouses,” as you may know, is the best line from one of Dave Chappelle’s best skits, in which Charlie Murphy recounts the night he and his brother Eddie spent with Prince and the Revolution. After meeting the musician and his band at a club, the Murphys and their friends faced off against them in a game of pickup basketball, and Prince … well, just watch below if you don’t know what I’m talking about. (A side note: I always assumed Charlie Murphy had invented this story or was at least exaggerating considerably. But then I read Questlove’s account of roller skating with Prince and now … I’m not so sure.)

The key detail from that skit for context: After the game, the whole crew eats pancakes. And it’s the image of Chappelle-as-Prince holding a plate of pancakes that appropriately illustrates “Breakfast Can Wait,” Prince’s new single, which you can hear a snippet of below. (You can buy the song at Prince’s online store, which is called 3rdEyeTunes. Really, for a guy who used to revile the Web, the man has got it down.) Enjoy.

P.S. Maybe if that Watch the Throne-style double-bill with Chris Rock doesn’t work out, the newly touring Chappelle could go on the road with the Purple One.

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