Roger Ebert’s favorite films: Watch an international tribute to his favorite movies and global influence.

Watch an International Tribute to Roger Ebert And His Favorite Movies

Watch an International Tribute to Roger Ebert And His Favorite Movies

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April 4 2013 8:43 PM

Roger Ebert’s Global Influence

Roger Ebert in 2002

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Roger Ebert, who died today at 70, will mostly be remembered for his impact in his home country, where for decades movie lovers tuned in to At the Movies and pored over his reviews in the Chicago Sun-Times. But he’ll also be remembered across the globe, by readers who bought his books, followed him on Twitter, and regularly checked his blog. This is especially true of his Far-Flung Correspondents, the group of international contributors who, starting in 2009, regularly wrote for his blog.

It’s this global influence that is the subject of this video essay from Kevin B. Lee, the editor of Press Play and a Slate contributor. Lee brought together 20 of Ebert’s contributors speaking 10 languages to give voice to Ebert’s writing—here, his thoughts on four of his favorite films in the 1982 Sight & Sound poll, for which he penned the introduction. As Lee wrote for Press Play, the essay shows how Ebert’s words “prove that not only great films, but great film writing, can transcend humankind’s boundaries.”

Ebert himself loved the essay. He called it “the gift of a lifetime” and “an international chorus to the love of film.