Free To Be... You and Me, a Spotify playlist: listen. (AUDIO)

Listen to Free To Be... You and Me

Listen to Free To Be... You and Me

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Oct. 23 2012 11:36 AM

Listen to Free To Be... You and Me


In Slate this week, Dan Kois looks at the unlikely story behind and remarkable legacy of Free To Be... You and Me, an album of children’s songs and skits spearheaded by Marlo Thomas and performed by an eclectic cast of musicians and actors including Mel Brooks, Diana Ross, Harry Belafonte, and many more.

In case, like me, you never heard this album growing up—or if you want to refresh your memory as you read, or simply want to bask once again in its idealistic glow—we’ve created a Spotify playlist of the album, which you can listen to below. (If you don’t have Spotify, you can find many of the songs on YouTube. I particularly recommend the version of “When We Grow Up” performed by Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack, which Kois mentions in his piece.)

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