Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena is lively colorful

Enjoy Cocktails With the Dead at Mountain View Mausoleum

Enjoy Cocktails With the Dead at Mountain View Mausoleum

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June 18 2014 1:15 PM

Get Lively at Mountain View Mausoleum


Photo: Sandi Hemmerlein

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Cecil E. Bryan was the master of mausoleums. Born in Illinois in 1878, Bryan began building chambers for the dead in 1912, after spending a year working for Frank Lloyd Wright. During his 78 years in the mortal realm, Bryan constructed over 80 mausoleums. When he died in 1951, he was interred in the crown jewel of them all: Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena, California.

Now part of Mountain View Cemetery, which opened in 1882, the mausoleum is a magnificent building featuring long corridors, arched ceilings, marble surfaces, and intricate stained-glass windows that spill rainbows of light onto the walls and floors.


If you're interested in a permanent stay, the Mountain View Cemetery website has a detailed price list for mausoleum internment options. If you'd rather just visit this opulent ode to the departed, Obscura Society LA is hosting a cocktails-and-jazz event in the mausoleum on the evening of Saturday, June 21. This is your chance to party down at a venue that's truly to-die-for.


Photo: Sandi Hemmerlein


Photo: Sandi Hemmerlein


Photo: Sandi Hemmerlein

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