Wyclef Jean discusses his new album, Carnival III, while in virtual reality.

Slate Took Wyclef to Jupiter in Virtual Reality

Slate Took Wyclef to Jupiter in Virtual Reality

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Sept. 26 2017 12:00 PM

Going to Jupiter With Wyclef

Grammy winner Wyclef Jean joins Slate’s VR talk show Conundrums.

Wyclef Jean, Jupiter
Wyclef Jean, Jupiter

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images, NASA.

Grammy award–winning rapper and producer Wyclef Jean joins Slate’s virtual reality talk show Conundrums to discuss his new album Carnival III.

He and host Lindsey Weber took trips to Haiti and Jupiter, and talked about the rapper’s influences throughout his musical career. Lindsey also gets the chance to ask him about one tweet she’s never forgotten.


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Shirley Chan is a Slate assistant video producer.

Lindsey Weber is a writer in Brooklyn, New York. She co-hosts the podcast Who? Weekly.