The GM of a “fast fashion” store: How does a retail manager work?

“No, Ma’am, You Can’t Return Those Leather Pants”

“No, Ma’am, You Can’t Return Those Leather Pants”

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Aug. 9 2015 10:45 AM

The “How Does a Retail Manager Work?” Edition

The manager of a New York “fast fashion” chain explains why customer service staff deserve respect—and a heads-up when you knock something over.

Boutique salesperson placing open sign on window.

Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez. Photo by Siri Stafford/Thinkstock

Listen to this episode of Working with guest “Jake”:


This week on Working, host Aisha Harris talks to “Jake,” a veteran manager for a fast fashion retail chain. He talks about the challenges of his job, including interacting with young staff, angry customers, and shoplifters. Also, Jake reveals how he uses what he’s learned behind the counter when shopping for himself.

In a Slate Plus extra, Jake explains how he would respond if a customer tried on unflattering leather pants. If you’re not a member, enjoy bonus segments and interview transcripts from Working, plus other great podcast exclusives. Start your two-week free trial at

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Aisha Harris is a Slate culture writer and host of the Slate podcast Represent.