Aleksey Kernes of Hotel Chantelle: How does a club doorman work?

Being a Doorman Is a Little Like Being a Lifeguard

Being a Doorman Is a Little Like Being a Lifeguard

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July 26 2015 2:05 AM

The “How Does a Club Doorman Work?” Edition

To manage the rope line, guest list, and celebrity clientele at a New York venue, it helps to be something of a socialite—and to know when to call security.

Aleksey Kernes.
Aleksey Kernes, front of house manager at Hotel Chantelle.

Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez. Photo courtesy J. Bobé Photography.

Listen to this episode of Working with guest Aleksey Kernes:


Aleksey Kernes is the guy to know if you’re trying to skip the line outside a New York City hotspot. The front of house manager at Hotel Chantelle, a nightclub on the Lower East Side, talks nightlife, table service, and how being a doorman is a lot like being a lifeguard. (It may not surprise you that he is also the founder of Hooch App, a cocktail membership program.)

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