Slate’s Negotiation Academy Episode 4: Negotiating with Jerks.

Slate’s Negotiation Academy: Negotiating With Jerks and Liars

Slate’s Negotiation Academy: Negotiating With Jerks and Liars

Learn the secrets of everyday haggling.
Nov. 14 2011 4:06 PM

Negotiating with Jerks and Liars: Slate’s Negotiation Academy

Episode 5 of our series on haggling like the pros.

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This week on Slate’s Negotiation Academy, we give you advice on how to get what you want when the person across the table is a complete jerk, a pathological liar, or simply won’t budge an inch.

Our guide for Episode 5 is Columbia Business School professor Donna Hitscherich, a former investment banker and corporate lawyer who knows a thing or two about dealing with jerks.

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