The Gist: 1980 Billboard hits with Chris Molanphy and the lobstar of the antentwig.

Billboard Hits From 1980: The Year Disco Went Underground

Billboard Hits From 1980: The Year Disco Went Underground

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Aug. 28 2015 8:15 PM

The Year Disco Became a Dirty Word

If you listen very, very closely to Billboard hits from 1980, you can actually hear the slow death of a ’70s zeitgeist.

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Do what? Eh, never mind, we don't want to know.

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On The Gist, our regular guest Chris Molanphy returns to explore Billboard chart hits from 1980, including rock songs, adult contemporary tracks, and lots of elements stolen from disco. It was a great year for dentists’ offices. For the Spiel, we name our new lobstar of the antentwig.

Do check out this Spotify playlist to hear the songs mentioned in today’s show one more time. Once is never enough.

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