The Gist: Emily Yoffe on campus sexual assault, and Maria Konnikova on mother’s intuition.

The Gist Debunks Mom’s Radar for Danger

The Gist Debunks Mom’s Radar for Danger

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Dec. 10 2014 6:01 PM

Is “Mother’s Intuition” Real?

How come mothers sometimes magically know when their children are in danger? Maria Konnikova joins us for a round of “Is This Bulls--t?” on The Gist.

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Mother’s intuition makes a great story, but is there any scientific basis?

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While campus sexual assault is a real and serious problem, on The Gist we’ll explore how studies, including one particular statistic, are being used to inflate the dimension of the problem and inform bad policy. We’re joined by Slate’s Emily Yoffe to discuss her piece “The College Rape Overcorrection.” Plus, are all those stories about mother’s intuition real or magical thinking? Mike asks Maria Konnikova of The New Yorker, who listens to her gut on the issue. For the Spiel, does torture ever work?

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