The Hillary Deathwatch widget.

The Hillary Deathwatch widget.

The Hillary Deathwatch widget.

Down and on the way out.
April 4 2008 5:42 PM

The Hillary Deathwatch Widget

Embed Clinton's sinking ship on your blog, iGoogle, or Facebook page.

Whether or not she realizes it, Hillary Clinton is on a slow march to her political doom. She's behind  in the popular vote and has fewer pledged delegates and primary victories than Obama; she's had only one superdelegate endorse her since March 4; and she's losing ground to Obama in Pennsylvania polls at an alarming rate.

Slate started a Hillary Deathwatch last week, and her chances of winning the nomination have already dropped by more than three points. Thanks to our staff of tech wizards, you can now take Hillary's sinking ship outside of the Slate bubble and spread it to the far corners of the Internet. Just click the "get & share" button on the widget below and select the type of site in which you want to embed the widget. (There's a shortcut for Facebook users here.)

We'll update the widget with new content and fresh odds of survival every day. Clicking on "Hillary Clinton Deathwatch" will take you to that day's article.


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