The Hillary Deathwatch

Clinton sinks beneath the waves.

June 3 2008 4:12 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchThe long-awaited superdelegate flood sinks Clinton down to the waterline.
May 30 2008 4:41 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchNot even the RBC meeting can save Clinton now.
May 27 2008 1:54 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton's RFK comment won't do lasting damage because there's not much left to damage.
May 21 2008 1:06 AMThe Hillary Deathwatch
May 16 2008 3:29 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchA slew of California endorsements brings Obama closer to the magic number.
May 14 2008 10:29 AMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton wins West Virginia, but the numbers remain bleak.
May 9 2008 2:32 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchA steady stream of endorsements for Obama hold Clinton at bay.
May 7 2008 4:53 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchMcGovern, loans, and superdelegates all continue to sink the ship.
May 6 2008 1:31 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchAnd, lo, on the election day, Deathwatch rested.
May 2 2008 3:47 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchPolls predict Clinton can survive Tuesday, but the path forward is pocked with pitfalls.
April 30 2008 1:27 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchObama slams Wright, Clinton's gas-tax plan gets jeers, and Indiana is still a tossup.
April 28 2008 3:44 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchThe Rev. Wright resurfaces, buoying Clinton's chances.
April 24 2008 2:44 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchSuperdelegates are still skittish, but at least Clinton has some money in her pocket.
April 21 2008 1:36 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchDespite a flurry of attacks, Clinton holds steady in Pennsylvania.
April 17 2008 1:00 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton edges out Obama in the debate, but he picks up two more superdelegates.
June 2 2008 11:04 AMThe Hillary DeathwatchA huge Puerto Rico win fails to postpone the inevitable.
May 28 2008 6:16 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton cranks the electability argument up to 11.
May 22 2008 5:11 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton steps up calls for Florida and Michigan to be seated.
May 19 2008 2:30 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchObama won't declare victory on Tuesday, but the media will.
May 15 2008 3:57 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchJohn Edwards' nod is mostly symbolic, but symbolism matters.
May 12 2008 1:02 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchObama takes the lead in the superdelegate race.
May 8 2008 1:12 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchDubious supporters and money woes drive Clinton's odds ever downward.
May 6 2008 11:21 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchA big loss in North Carolina and a small win in Indiana doom Clinton's chances.
May 5 2008 2:12 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchWith Indiana within reach, Clinton's chances inch up.
May 1 2008 4:01 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchA Clinton traitor is in Obama's midst. Plus: The gas tax pollutes Hillary's campaign.
April 29 2008 1:27 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchMore Wright fallout and a North Carolina endorsement buoy Clinton once again.
April 25 2008 4:34 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton will need better numbers in Indiana to prove she can survive.
April 23 2008 11:54 AMThe Hillary DeathwatchClinton has a shot at winning the popular vote. Unfortunately, she's broke.
April 18 2008 3:06 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchAnother former Clintonite throws his hat in the O-ring.
April 16 2008 1:10 PMThe Hillary DeathwatchThe Boss endorses Obama, and Clinton continues to lose traction in Pennsylvania polls.