Which Mad Men characters score the most: The Slate Mad Men Scorecard.

How Many Women Has Don Draper Really Hooked Up With?

How Many Women Has Don Draper Really Hooked Up With?

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April 15 2013 9:15 AM

The Mad Men Scorecard

Who scores the most? Whose bedpost needs more notches? Tally the conquests of Don, Peggy, Roger, and more on Slate’s interactive guide to Mad Men romance.


Mad Men has returned, and so have the continuous drinking, wacky hairstyles, and illicit sex. The final scene of Sunday’s season premiere confirmed, after last season’s last-minute tease, that it’ll take more than a hot, talented, screwed-up celebrity wife to keep Don Draper faithful. Sylvia Rosen, the wife of a friend in Don’s apartment building, joins the long list of women who have fallen under the alluring advertiser’s spell.

How long is that list? Click play below to see how Don’s sex life stacks up against the other characters of Mad Men. Roll over each hookup partner (so to speak) to learn more. Check back every week throughout Season 6 for update.

Episode 3 update: Pete, armed with long sideburns, seduces his neighbor's wife. The affair is quickly uncovered and earns him a stern warning from Mrs. Campbell. "I'm drawing a 50 mile radius around this house," Trudy says, "and if you so much as open your fly to urinate I will destroy you."

Episode 4 update: Joan goes out with her friend Kate and makes out with a guy at a club. It's not clear what happens next—Joan and Kate wake up at Joan's place alone the next day—but we'll give her the point anyway.

How many notches does Don Draper have on his bedpost?

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Gray images indicate hookups alluded to but never shown in the series.

indicates a GIF is available showing the moment the hookup happened.