Lynch Unleashed

The Twin Peaks reboot is not the fusion of arthouse and mainstream sensibilities that viewers might expect. It’s pure David Lynch—and it’s glorious.

May 19 2017 11:11 AMThe Unbingeable Kimmy SchmidtSeason 3 is so dense with jokes that it’s hard to watch too many episodes in one sitting. Also, it’s glorious.
May 11 2017 4:20 PMAmerican RaceSomeone thought it was a great idea to give Charles Barkley a four-part doc on race.
May 3 2017 8:04 PMBetween Two WorldsA comprehensive history of the strange, sublime collaboration between Twin Peaks creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.
May 3 2017 8:02 PMWrapped in CelluloidWhy the web of movie allusions in David Lynch’s show helped it take hold of the cultural imagination in a way no series ever had.
May 3 2017 8:00 PMDiane, Remind Me to Tell You How Twin Peaks Changed TV ForeverBefore Special Agent Dale Cooper, you could just watch a show. Now you have to solve it.
April 28 2017 12:43 PMAmerican GodsIt’s hard to imagine a better TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s wonderstruck fantasy.
April 14 2017 2:41 PMThe Gonzo New Season of The LeftoversThe show has entered full-blown mania. It’s thrilling.
March 23 2017 4:26 PMMust-Suffer TVShots Fired, American Crime, and the challenge of making grim, issue-driven shows that are somehow still fun to watch.
March 2 2017 7:17 AMWhere’s the Beef?Ryan Murphy’s Feud takes one of history’s juiciest catfights and reduces it to a dry lecture about Hollywood sexism.
Feb. 8 2017 5:49 PMLegionFX’s attempt to reinvent the superhero genre is a show with a Rubik’s Cube where its heart should be.
Feb. 3 2017 11:36 AM24 Is Back, and Its Politics Are … ConfusingCan a show be tacitly anti-immigration and also woke?
Jan. 13 2017 6:43 PMA Terrorism Thriller to Curl Up ToHomeland has become the one thing it seemed like it would never be: comforting.
Jan. 3 2017 11:45 AMThe New Celebrity Apprentice Will Make You Pine for a President SchwarzeneggerWhat is this season except an occasion to consider the telegenic machismo of one celebrity versus another?
Dec. 9 2016 11:12 AMThe Top 10 TV Shows of 2016Two Russian spies, one empowered prostitute, and one very likable weed dealer.
Dec. 6 2016 8:15 AMThese Two Shows Have Been My Ideal Postelection Escapist TVThey have one thing in common: a lot of flirting.
May 12 2017 7:19 PMAnne With an ENetflix’s dark, gritty reboot of Anne of Green Gables has all the subtlety of a chalkboard smashed over your head.
May 3 2017 8:06 PMTwin Peaks Didn’t Just Change TVIt was about TV.
May 3 2017 8:03 PMTwin Peaks’ Bob Is the Scariest TV Villain of All TimeHere’s why.
May 3 2017 8:01 PMTwin Peaks Was the Most Visually Striking TV Show Ever MadeAnd still is.
May 3 2017 5:15 PMIn Season 2, Master of None Goes Bigger and Gets BetterThe comedy series’ ambitious new episodes take on everything from Italian neorealism to reality TV.
April 21 2017 12:09 PMThe Handmaid’s TaleIt’s a terrifying dystopian drama about systemic murder and rape. It’s also somehow a pleasure to watch.
April 11 2017 12:10 PMLife Imitates VeepThe new season is a portrait of a defeated female politician in exile, and it has more pathos than punchlines.
March 20 2017 1:53 PMSuperprivilegedNetflix’s Iron Fist has about as little self-awareness as its white, male, billionaire protagonist.
Feb. 16 2017 3:13 PMThe Return of Tracy FlickThe thrilling new HBO drama Big Little Lies lets Reese Witherspoon do exactly what she does best.
Feb. 7 2017 3:24 PMThe Monstrous Brilliance of GirlsRegardless of how you feel about the noise Lena Dunham generates, don’t let it drown this out: Girls was a truly great show.
Jan. 26 2017 12:49 PMArchie Meets Twin Peaks Meets Live Action Meets Gossip GirlRiverdale mashes up the classic comic-book characters with a medley of genres, and somehow it’s delectable.
Jan. 12 2017 7:45 AMThe Pope, but YoungHBO’s highly meme-able new drama is not nearly as fun as the tweets about it.
Dec. 14 2016 10:42 AMStarLee Daniels’ new show is a music business soap opera that wants to help heal our country’s racial divide.
Dec. 6 2016 10:21 AMWhat Digger Made of the Gilmore Girls ReunionA conversation with Chris Eigeman about the show’s four final words and more.
Nov. 21 2016 12:18 PMThe Return of Gilmore GirlsDespite the rocky start, it feels so good to be back in Stars Hollow.