The Great Gatsby chart: Movements of each character in Fitzgerald’s novel.

The Great Gatsby, Retold in Chart Form

The Great Gatsby, Retold in Chart Form

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July 24 2013 1:56 PM

The Great Gatsby in Chart Form

Fitzgerald’s great American novel as an infographic.

For the bibliophiles: A chart released Wednesday by the folks at Pop Chart Lab, displayed above and possibly made so cheating high school students can tattoo it to their wrists, retells each chapter of The Great Gatsby by visualizing the movements of the main characters. In case this summer’s grandiose film adaptation wasn’t enough for you, now you can throw this chart up on your wall and relive the adventures of Jay Gatsby and his sidekick Nick Carraway whenever you walk into the room. Then look at a similar chart for the Lord of the Rings and be awed by how simplistic Fitzgerald’s magnum opus appears by comparison.

Click and drag to pan and double-click to zoom. Press the full-screen button at the top-right corner for a bigger, easier reading experience. Get a print here.