Republican Jack Kingston attacks his GOP opponent David Perdue for being rich.

A Republican Attacks His Republican Opponent for Being Rich

A Republican Attacks His Republican Opponent for Being Rich

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July 14 2014 1:58 PM

A Republican Attacks His Republican Opponent for Being Rich

Jack Kingston, working class hero

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The nation's attention has strayed from Georgia, where the inconclusive results of a May primary produced a two-month runoff campaign between businessman David Perdue and Rep. Jack Kingston. The only clear takeaway was that Democrats would have a hard fall—they had hoped the runoff system would elevate one of the less electable members of Congress in the race. The campaign between a long-tenured congressman and a rich guy with a famous name produced no great narrative.

It has, via Politico, produced some solid class warfare. From the candidates' only debate, Kingston to Perdue:

David, now you have done well for yourself, but you live in a gated community, inside a gated community and have a gate at your house. How are you going to work with John Q. Public when they come up to you and have questions?

This is not how GOP politics is supposed to work in the Tea Party epoch. Perdue, who has run as pragmatic and conservative, has been strongly backed by Herman Cain.

And now, Kingston (who's been backed by the Chamber of Commerce) is appeaing to conservatives who think that resembling Mitt Romney is a bigger election-loser than being far-right.

David Weigel is a reporter for the Washington Post.