Programming announcement: Prog Summer.

Programming Announcement: Prog Summer

Programming Announcement: Prog Summer

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June 5 2014 12:05 PM

Programming Announcement: Prog Summer

Every couple of days, someone sends me an email or starts a conversation and asks a familiar, loaded question: “How’s the book coming?” Sometimes the question is phrased like this: “I thought you were on book leave?”

I was, and now I am again. Today I’m en route to Scottsdale, Arizona, for this panel on Goldwater libertarianism (come by at 7 p.m.), but for most of this month I’ll be working to finish my years-in-the-making book about progressive rock. (If my editor is reading this, don’t worry, I’m also hacking away at the book while on the plane. Assuming the person in front of me isn’t one of those moral monsters who reclines and limits the workspace behind him to a small triangle of air.)


As June rolls on, this blog will be a little bit quieter. Some of my talented Slate colleagues may hop in and write posts, and if something on my beat grows to Godzilla size, I know where the keys are. But I really do need to finish the first draft of this thing, because it’s one of the most fun and rewarding and challenging projects I’ve ever had, and because you don’t want people to get the same inconclusive answer to the same question for too long.

While I'm off, my podcasting will continue. This week I sat down with Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress and a progressive leader who does not march in step with the Obama administration.

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