Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich is the new Phil Robertson.

Brendan Eich Is Your New Phil Robertson

Brendan Eich Is Your New Phil Robertson

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April 3 2014 5:51 PM

Brendan Eich Is Your New Phil Robertson

What Brendan Eich will look like in a few years.

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for A&E Networks

Brendan Eich's reign at the top of Mozilla lasted only 10 days. Most of those days were spent in a shame spiral, as LGBT activists and allies attached Mozilla for hiring a CEO who'd donated to the campaign to pass Proposition 8. The pressure proved too intense, and Eich was out almost before social conservatives noticed the controversy.

Well, they've noticed it now.

Bruce, it might be noted, is a lesbian. McCormack is making a point that has surfaced in tons of conservative quickie commentary—why should Eich be decapitated for holding a belief that the current Democratic president held until 2012? (Obama pretty obviously concealed his support of gay marriage for years, waiting until it was a net vote-gainer to "evolve" on the issue. But he opposed Prop 8. There's an leap to make between opposing legal gay marriage and working to ban it. Doesn't matter, as far as the health of this zinger goes.) The Eich resignation is a rallying moment, a chance to regroup and reframe the argument that the left had won in Arizona and Kansas when Republican legislators passed "religious freedom" laws.

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