Black men and crime: Chris Hayes smacks down Bill O'Reilly.
Just When You Thought Bill O'Reilly Couldn't Say Something More Idiotic ...
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July 24 2013 8:57 AM

Opening Act: Poverty and Crack

Keeping "race hustlers and limousine liberals" honest.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Rumble 2012

If you were wowed by Noam Scheiber's great read about the decline of "big law," we have a Slatepitch for you.

Alec MacGillis' lesson from the latest Weiner story—is anyone sick of talking about the narcissist yet?—is to "beware comeback politicians bearing gifts." It's awfully hard to read the leaked chat sesssions and think, "Oh, yes, giving this guy more power's going to solve his problems."

The gay marriage fight returns to New Jersey, where the governor—who's always opposed it—has the room to piss off a few liberals as he glides to re-election.


Radley Balko drops science on the myths coming from both the right and the left about black men and crime rates.

So does Andrew Cohen. This is so much more rewarding than just riffing on what you think in your gut might be the reasons for crime rates, as Chris Hayes proves here.

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