Benghazi: Chris Stevens turned down extra embassy security twice.

Benghazi: Chris Stevens Turned Down Extra Embassy Security Twice

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May 16 2013 10:50 AM

Opening Act: Give Kevin Williamson the Medal of Freedom

Brad Krzanak tosses an office telephone while competing in the mock 'Unemployment Olympics' March 31, 2009 in New York City. (not pictured: Kevin Williamson)

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It's another great day on the Gabriel Gomez is a Bro beat.

“Oh, is this like the Catholic Church and all?” Gomez said, when pressed about the [Blunt] amendment. “Yeah, I don’t ­believe the Catholic Church – or any faith, any organization like that — should have to do something that goes against their doctrine.”

Sean Trende drops the science to prove that the Democrats' House disadvantage has as much to do with their coalition's shape and distribution as with the gerrymandering beast.

Noam Scheiber Slate-pitches the IRS scandal—it's about political correctness!

Kevin Williamson is an American hero.

McClatchy reports Chris Stevens turned down extra security in Libya, something we hadn't heard before.