Opening Act: War on Religion

Opening Act: War on Religion

Opening Act: War on Religion

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Aug. 9 2012 8:09 AM

Opening Act: War on Religion

I'm traveling much of the day for some reporting, so this blog will probably have a quiet afternoon.

The Romney campaign's new ad lays it on with a trowel; the "war on religion" claim comes, oddly enough, from a syndicated Michael Gerson column.


It's almost quaint that they felt they had to source that. The music is nice, too.

Yglesias on the sluggish recovery.

This must represent some high point for "both sides do it" shrug-ism.

Ezra Klein up and asks the economists cited in a Romney white paper if the paper represents their work fairly. Hilarity ensues.

Dana Milbank and Adam Serwer tag-team Andrew McCarthy over the Muslim Brotherhood story.

Jennifer Rubin manages to argue that Bill Clinton's legacy makes Obama look worse,