Opening Act: Burn Rate
Opening Act: Burn Rate
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July 23 2012 8:20 AM

Opening Act: Burn Rate

Good morning, everyone. Has Brian Ross gotten through it without saying something unprofessional and stupid?

Spot the problem with this Wall Street Journal story about "some Democrats" sweating the Obama burn rate.

"The burn rate—the investment in infrastructure and polling—is great if you've got the resources to follow through," said Douglas Schoen, who was a pollster for former President Bill Clinton. "It's unclear to me whether the president has the resources."

Schoen's last major client was Americans Elect. How'd that investment work out?

Nick Confessore profiles Carl Forti, who seems to have gotten quieter since his client got richer. (Back in 2010 I could definitely get Forti on the horn.)

Dana Milbank worries that Mitt Romney is legitimizing Obama conspiracy theory-mongering. I think this stuff predates Romney's campaign and will be here long after Obama's gone.

A pretty vicious Robert Farley take on the right's howling soccer-injury response to Aurora coverage.