Nuts to You, Al Sharpton
Nuts to You, Al Sharpton
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April 4 2012 9:55 AM

Nuts to You, Al Sharpton

SANFORD, Fla. -- The first of a couple of pieces on this area, and its response to the killing of Trayvon Martin, is up here. Over one day of interviews I found a palpable black/white split over not just the story, but knowledge of the details and opinions over how much attention should be paid to it. This Pew Poll sort of backs that up.

The Trayvon Martin shooting is the public’s top story for the second consecutive week. But interest in the teenager’s death is deeply divided along partisan, as well as racial, lines. These differences also are apparent in reactions to news coverage of the incident: Far more Republicans (56%) than Democrats (25%) say there has been too much coverage of Martin’s death.
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