Who Doesn't Hate the Obama Deficit Plan?

Who Doesn't Hate the Obama Deficit Plan?

Who Doesn't Hate the Obama Deficit Plan?

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Sept. 19 2011 2:16 PM

Who Doesn't Hate the Obama Deficit Plan?

MoveOn.org doesn't! The lefty group that endorsed Obama in 2008 (based on a membership vote) and has spent much of 2011 attacking his sell-outs has come out fully behind the "Buffett talking point." (It's technically the "Buffett rule." Actually, it's technically nothing.)


MoveOn likes it. Democrats like it. According to the polls helpfully curated by Bruce Bartlett, most Americans like it. Most Americans don't get a say on this. Here's the reaction from Mitch McConnell:

Veto threats, a massive tax hike, phantom savings, and punting on entitlement reform is not a recipe for economic or job growth—or even meaningful deficit reduction. The good news is that the Joint Committee is taking this issue far more seriously than the White House.

Jon Huntsman:

President Obama continues to demonstrate that he has no new ideas on how to create American jobs. For two and a half years he's been peddling a version of the Buffett Tax Hike as a key pillar of his failed attempt to tax and spend and regulate this country to prosperity. That simply hasn't worked and it won't work now. President Obama’s veto threats and partisan demands are a poor attempt to camouflage a $1.5 trillion tax hike that is deeply misguided and the latest example of his ineffective leadership on the economy.
The most important thing Congress and the super-committee can do is deal with the structural problems that are causing our debt and impeding job creation. Meaningful entitlement reform and revenue-neutral tax reform should be priority #1; tax increases should not make the list.

Rick Perry:

President Obama's plan is a bait and switch that offers more than a trillion dollars in higher taxes for a promise of temporary tax relief. The president penalizes investment when it is needed most, discourages charitable giving and doubles down on a failed government stimulus strategy. Worst of all, the Obama plan fails to provide the certainty employers need to create jobs and the spending and deficit reduction our economy needs.

And... well, they're all like this. Class warfare, uncertainty, same-old, etc. It's almost as if they wrote these statements before digesting the entire 80page plan!