Ask a Teacher podcast: Should teachers friend students on Facebook?

Should Teachers Friend Their Students on Facebook?

Should Teachers Friend Their Students on Facebook?

With Columbia Journalism School’s Teacher Project.
June 2 2015 12:17 PM

Ask a Teacher: Would You Friend Your Students on Facebook?

Not for teacher.

Photo by Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Should teachers accept Facebook friend requests from their students? Should they interact with them on Twitter? That's the big topic in the latest Ask a Teacher, Slate’s education podcast with the Teacher Project at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. In the last episode of the show this school year, host Matt Collette chats with:

  • Matt Dicks, a fifth-grade teacher at Wolcott School in West Hartford, Connecticut. He’s also an author, storyteller, and a 17-time Moth StorySlam champion and two-time GrandSlam champion. You can read his blog at
  • Valerie Lake, an eighth-grade English teacher and literacy coach at Lower Manhattan Community Middle School in New York.
  • Gay Collins, who teaches English and American literature at Waterford High School in suburban southeastern Connecticut.

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