Ask a Homo: Are gayborhoods dying because of assimilation? (VIDEO.)

Are "Gayborhoods" Going Away? (Video.) 

Are "Gayborhoods" Going Away? (Video.) 

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Expanding the LGBTQ Conversation
Oct. 8 2014 9:00 AM

Ask a Homo: A Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood? 

San Francisco's "Castro" gayborhood.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Welcome back to Ask a Homo, a judgment-free zone where the gays of Outward answer questions about LGBTQ politics, culture, etiquette, language, and other queer conundrums. In this edition we ponder the fate of the "gayborhood," that area in most major cities that has traditionally catered to and been called home by a high concentration of queers. Is it dying in an age of assimilation, or simply changing form? 

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Other Questions Asked of Homos:

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