Name First, Shame Later ...

Name First, Shame Later ...

Name First, Shame Later ...

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Feb. 1 2010 2:25 AM

Name First, Shame Later ...

Does Toyota really think




for the company?

"The number of deaths, the number of accidents, whether 1 or whether it's 2,000, doesn't really make a difference."

Hello?  ... 




has repeatedly

, not the gas pedal, as the problem. Maybe the


has fallen under the sway of

. Or maybe not: Toyota's electronic drive trains have occasionally been controversial before--see the heated


What's the opposite of hesitation? ... Toyota would hardly be the first car company to go overboard on newfangled electronics. ...  

5:08  P.M.

Cherchez La Fern: Why did Bunny Mellon decide to give millions to help John Edwards?  Turns out it's all about ... gardening. From Lloyd Grove's Daily Beast report

One reason Bunny Mellon was supporting John Edwards, she told friends, was that somebody had to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Shortly after Bill Clinton was inaugurated, Mrs. Mellon heard to her dismay that Hillary was planning to display modern sculpture in the First Lady’s Garden at the White House. Mrs. Mellon—a self-taught horticulturalist and landscape designer who had created a special First Lady’s garden for her friend Jacqueline Kennedy (as well as helping Jackie redecorate the White House and refurbish the White House Rose Garden)—lobbied Hillary to leave things as they were. After all, Bunny Mellon argued, it was a matter of respecting history: Ladybird Johnson, no less, had formally named the area the "Jacqueline Kennedy Garden."

"It’s my garden now," Hillary allegedly replied—thus earning the lasting enmity of the offended heiress. [E.A.]

P.S.: Marc Ambinder asks "Should Edwards aides be shamed and blamed?"  Nut graf:

But there were a handful of staff members who knew that Edwards had at least one affair, who knew that he continued to have extramarital sexual liaisons during the campaign, who knew that the portrait of the Edwardses marriage was fictitious, who aided and abetted the perpetuation of an image they knew to be false; who arranged for the cover-up; who lied, directly, to reporters and to other staff members; who were veterans of the campaign game; whose loyalty to the Edwards family, such was it was, trumped whatever residual responsibility they felt to the democratic process.  These men and women did the country a disservice.   Not that they should have gone public and accused their guy of being a demon: several folks who learned about the affair decided that they would leave the campaign and pursue other opportunities. [E.A.]

I think that's a 'yes' to "shamed and blamed." How about named? ...   11:36  P.M.

Mark Greenberg was one of the smartest opponents of the 1996 welfare reform --a brilliant guy, just on the wrong side. Because he's extremely smart, he's exactly not the sort of person those who backed the bill would want administering the program, Yet Obama has given him a high position at HHS's Administration for Children and Families . ... Someone needs to watch Greenberg (and his HHS colleagues) like a hawk. Luckily, Heather Mac Donald is on the job . .... 11:30  P.M.