Van Jones Resigns

Van Jones Resigns

Van Jones Resigns

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Sept. 6 2009 1:10 AM

Van Jones Resigns

Van, Bus Collide : Always trust content from kausfiles , give or take 24 hours! ... P.S.: He signed a Truther petition . Bye. ...  P.S.:   Where's the New York Times ? Noah SIlverman notes :

Readers of the print edition will never have heard of the presidential appointee so controversial the President had to dump him. Is this a milestone in the decline of the NYT?


I've been waiting for the day when a prominent pol resigns and for print MSM readers it appears to be out-of-the-blue , though everyone on the Web knows the whole story.  But for WaPo'Franke-Ruta and Kornblut, this would be that case. ... In any case, more evidence that you can't find out what's going on by reading the Times . ...  Backfill: Andy Levy . ...

Update: It seems this may be just another installment of the NYT 's running feature , "You Know That Guy You've Never Heard About? Well, He's Gone."  ...[ Tks to reader C.W.] ... Tom Maguire :

Folks living in the Times bubble are possibly becoming accustomed to these moments of whiplash - the Times' first coverage of the Eason Jordan resignation at CNN also came with his resignation.

It's sort of like in Spinal Tap , when the drummer spontaneously explodes. ... [ via Insta ]

More: People are crediting Gateway Pundit with the scoop, though GP seems to credit another blog.  [ Correction: GP thanks a  commenter  for the tip.] Either way,  GP   a)  did the MSM's work for it and b)  is not Glenn Beck. ...   10:19 P.M.