Iran: The Revolution is Not a Flash Mob

Iran: The Revolution is Not a Flash Mob

Iran: The Revolution is Not a Flash Mob

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June 24 2009 2:51 AM

Iran: The Revolution is Not a Flash Mob




5:20 PM ET -- A word about the past two days. In ordinary times, the violence in the streets on Sunday and Monday would have been shocking. But compared to Saturday's massive outpouring, the turnout of demonstrators has been significantly smaller. There is a good reason for it.

Over the past week, the reformist rallies that have succeeded were those scheduled days in advance, with turnout aided by massive word-of-mouth promotion. Today's mourning rally for Neda, on the other hand, was announced only this morning on Karroubi's social networking sites. In the midst of a near-complete media and technological blackout, these large demonstrations need time to develop. [E.A.]

I guess Twitter and Facebook are not enough. ... 12:04 A.M.



Aslan v. Dickey, Part II:

Reza Aslan on MSNBC yesterday :

"First of all, Ahmadinejad doesn`t even have the national security clearance to even look at Iran`s nuclear portfolio, let alone make any decisions about it. The president doesn`t have national security briefings in that regard."  

 Chris Dickey in  his recent Newsweek piece (which Aslan praised as "brilliant"):

According to a European intelligence source, early in Ahmadinejad's first term, the man leading the country's nuclear negotiations presented several options about how and how fast Iran's nuclear program should proceed. Ahmadinejad said there was only one option: full-scale industrial production. Khamenei's response: Yes, that's what we will do.

 So which is it? ... 12:10 A.M.