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March 4 2009 7:32 PM

Stat of the Day

Can the median price of a house in Detroit really be ... $7,500 ? Says here . ... P.S.: Also

There is no major grocery chain in the city, and only two movie theaters


In a town of 800,000?** ...  Update: This  housing price site suggests it was closer to $79,000 four months ago. Hard to believe it's fallen 90% since. [Thanks to reader S.B.] ...  But: That site includes suburbs. The figure for Detroit itself is undoubtedly much lower. See, for example, this MSNBC report :

Overall, the residential real estate market is catastrophic, with the Detroit Board of Realtors now pegging the average price of a home in the city at $18,513. 

[Thanks to reader S.E.] ... More : New man's Own investigates :

For the three months that ended in January, according to Trulia , the median sales price was $10,000. Slightly higher, but still shocking.

**-- Too Good to Check? Reader M.F. notes a Kroger at 14383 Gratiot Ave . That's one. Nope. Kroger sold this store , apparently. ... 4:41 P.M.