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You, Confirmable You!
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Feb. 4 2009 2:42 AM

You, Confirmable You!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009  

What, exactly is the scandal said to be  endangering Hilda Solis , Obama's nominee for Secretary of Labor? Solis supports "card check"--a profoundly misguided view, but her view nonetheless. As a member of Congress she presumably lobbies her colleagues to come around to her position. She is also an official in a group, American Rights at Work, that lobbies Congress to come around to the pro-"card check" position. How is that a "conflict of interest"? Seems like a confluence of interest. ... This isn't even a "why buy the cow when you're getting the milk for free" situation , which it would be if Solis had been paid to lobby for what she obviously already believed in. Solis wasn't paid. It's a more a "cow gives away milk for free, then joins group that gives away some more milk for free" situation. Who cares?  Why should that be a problem? Am I missing something? ...  12:58 P.M.



Yesterday's CW: This Daschle business stinks. He has to withdraw!

Today's CW:  He sure withdrew easily . Weird .

Tomorrow's CW: Obama sure gave up on him easily. Wimp!

It's like the media's version of the Madonna/Whore complex. If you give in too quickly, they lose respect. 12:56 P.M.


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