Web hype not what it used to be.

Web hype not what it used to be.

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Feb. 3 2009 1:42 AM

Web hype not what it used to be.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Press release from TheAtlantic.com on the launch of their new politics site :


The Politics Channel follows the introduction of the Business Channel, which has averaged 20,000 daily page views since its launch last this month. 

20,000 daily page views! Does that impress you? I didn't think so. ... Sullivan probably gets as many hits for his "bear" posts alone!  [ Aren't you in danger of pissing off one of the few organizations that might conceivably  hire you--ed . Nah. I don't worry about that sort of thing. I can always go blog for Pajamas Media. ... Oh, wait. ] 11:00 P.M.


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