He Died for Geithner's Sins
He Died for Geithner's Sins
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Feb. 3 2009 2:03 PM

He Died for Geithner's Sins

Daschle Out : 1) Bad precedent for Obama to get stampeded by the prissy, occasionally hysterical N.Y. Times ed board . 2)  Daschle died for Geithner's sins, which seem worse in my book;**  3) Excellent Ben Smith fill on Daschle's owner patron, Leo Hindery. A big John Edwards backer, it turns out. Made his money in cable. That's two risk factors right there! ...   Also this: "Hindery had set himself up in opposition to Obama's top economic advisors, many of whom were associated with The Hamilton Project, an economic think tank that was the inheritor of former Treasury Secretary Rubin's generally pro-trade position." ... 4) Somewhere, Hillary is smiling, no? ...

**-- Update: And Kinsley's ....  11:18 A.M.



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