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Gregg's Vanity
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Feb. 1 2009 3:59 PM

Gregg's Vanity

Sunday, February 1, 2009  

What could Sen. Judd Gregg possibly do in a second-tier cabinet position-- Commerce --to advance his conservative philosophy that would possibly make up for giving his ideological opponents a 60-seat majority in the Senate? Stop card check? Achieve a free trade agenda? ... Quick, name Bush's last Commerce secretary. ... Even if New Hampshire's Democratic governor angers his party by appointing a Republican to replace Gregg , will it be an anti-card-check Republican? ... Gregg could go down as the biggest sucker since Arthur Goldberg , who let Lyndon Johnson con him into giving up a lifetime Supreme Court seat to become Ambassador to the U.N. ... Update: Jennifer Rubin thinks Gregg should give the money back .....  1:16 P.M.



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