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Jan. 31 2009 2:51 PM

Car and Driver

Saturday, January 31, 2009  

Time to Burkle: Zip Off! Clinton buddy Ron Burkle wants 7 cents per copy more for magazines his Source Interlink Cos. delivers to retailers, according to the New York Post' s Keith Kelly :


"Time Inc. has basically told Source to drop dead," said one industry veteran. ...[snip]

The showdown will come on Tuesday when most of the celebrity weeklies roll off the presses and onto wholesalers' trucks for placement in stores.

And at least one publisher is betting on massive foul-ups in the delivery of magazines.

"I don't think copies will be shipped next week," said one publishing executive. "It is kind of like a labor dispute. There will be blood."

Will People get delivered? Will stacks of magzines accidentally be ... misrouted? This is so exciting. ...  12:39 P.M.

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Buried Lede? WaPo reports that ex-Sen.Tom Daschle, while serving his patron Leo Hindery since 2005,  was "rewarded handsomely" for investments "in small niche media corporations." Wait a minute ... Daschle made money in media in the past three years?  What's he got that Steve Rattner hasn't got ? ...  12:11 P.M.