UAW: Non-union workers get more!

UAW: Non-union workers get more!

UAW: Non-union workers get more!

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Jan. 25 2009 2:38 AM

UAW: Non-union workers get more!

there would be

no wage cuts

as part of the union's concessions to GM and Chrysler. Gettelfinger argued Toyota's workers actually make $2-per-hour more than UAW workers, if you count bonuses. But ... but. ...

Toyota did not go bankrupt

. ... Toyota hasn't had to be rescued with $17.4 billion of taxpayer money. ... If Toyota can afford to pay its workers $2/hour more than UAW workers--perhaps because it doesn't have to build cars under the union's legalistic work rule system--that's great. It doesn't mean Gettelfinger's workers have a right to $28/hour if at that wage their employers can't stay in business without an ongoing multi-billion dollar subsidy. I'm sorry if this seems obvious. It's apparently not obvious enough. ...


So will promoters of greater unionization now boast that with unions, workers can earn $2/hour


? ...


The simplest solution would still seem to be to simply not give the Detroit companies more money. Let them keep the bailout funds they've gotten. Fine. A little gift. Beyond that, they have to work out amongst themselves--employers, union, creditors, bondholders, investors--how to survive. A car czar, or

, increasingly looks mainly like a way to provide cover for ongoing subsidies, no? ... [

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