Will Obama Ever Stop Asking Me For Money?

Will Obama Ever Stop Asking Me For Money?

Will Obama Ever Stop Asking Me For Money?

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Jan. 8 2009 4:28 AM

Will Obama Ever Stop Asking Me For Money?

Bill Clinton in the Oval Office : "I just love that rug." I wonder if that means the same thing as " nice tie "? ... 12:46 P.M.



Old lists never die:  Will Obama ever stop asking me for money? Or is it all fundraising, all the way out? Here's an excerpt from an email I got recently:

 From: Obama tor America....

Subject: Join us at the Inauguration

Friend: ...

You helped shape history, and now you can be a part of it.

Ten supporters and their guests will be selected to come to Washington, D.C. for several days of inaugural events. You could be chosen to fly to Washington, attend the welcome ceremony, the Inaugural parade, the swearing-in, and an official Inaugural ball.

Donate $5 or more now. You could be part of the historic events you made possible.

Not only is he still milking his supporters for money, he's doing it in an obnoxious way, no? "Join us at the inauguration" turns out to mean "pay for other people to party at the inauguration you're not going to"!  (Even The Atlantic didn't think of that one.) As if Obama's campaign thinks his supporters are not only suckers, but a particular type of sucker--the type of sucker who contributes because of the tiny chance of striking it rich. ... It's like a crude old-left parody of capitalist ideology (except in capitalism there's a middle class, not just a few winners and millions of gullible chumps). ...

Update: Ambinder agrees , then makes the mistake of listening to the other side. ...  2:15 A.M.


I submit that if the best evidence of Obama's subservience to the Dem "left" is his appointment of ... Leon Panetta , there's not yet much reason to worry about Obama's subservience to the left. ... 1:37 A.M.