Natalie Matthews-Ramo

Natalie Matthews-Ramo is a Slate Web and interactive designer.

Sports Nut
Jan. 9 2015 3:47 PMThe Gridiron BoudoirA totally sensual NFL erotic fiction series.
Nov. 26 2014 12:04 AMProtest NationFor a second night, demonstrators march in the streets of Ferguson and several other cities across the U.S.
July 27 2014 11:52 PMTsukuru Tazaki’s PuzzleAn interactive introduction to Haruki Murakami’s new novel.
Brow Beat
April 23 2014 2:32 PMThat Wasn’t the First Time Drake Got Caught Lint-Rolling
Low Concept
Oct. 27 2013 11:49 PMCould Facebook Fix about Google, Yahoo, Amazon, or Microsoft?
The Slatest
March 27 2013 3:06 PMJustice Ginsburg's Dairy-Themed DOMA Metaphor
Brow Beat
Dec. 7 2012 4:06 PMZero Dark Thirty Inspires Hollywood Copycats
Brow Beat
Sept. 25 2012 5:45 PMHow Go On Copies Community
Brow Beat
March 21 2012 12:58 PMA Visual Guide for Storytellers: When Is It OK to Make Stuff Up?
The Oscars
Feb. 24 2012 12:32 PMDoes Oprah Get Thanked More Than God?
No, but Meryl does! Crunching the numbers on 10 years of Oscar acceptance speeches.
Brow Beat
Jan. 27 2012 3:24 PMFrom The Grey to The Birds, a Taxonomy of Man vs. Animal Films
July 29 2011 6:53 AMRed Skull Is Red, Smurfette Is BlueA beautiful color wheel showcasing the entire cartoon character spectrum.
Dec. 29 2014 4:05 PMThe Best Slate Covers of 2014Slate’s designers make their selection from the home page top shelf.
Nov. 20 2014 1:01 PMWho’s In and Who’s Out?Obama is offering a reprieve to millions of unauthorized immigrants. Exactly who gets one will be determined by a string of wonky details.
Future Tense
May 28 2014 5:27 PM13 Things Google's New Driverless Car Looks Like
Brow Beat
March 7 2014 12:28 PMPlay Wes Anderson Bingo—Special Grand Budapest Hotel Edition!
Brow Beat
April 24 2013 12:33 PMThe Only Way This Obama Tattoo Ploy Can End
Feb. 22 2013 5:59 PMWhen Box-Office Hits Get Nominated, Do Oscar Ratings Go Up?A detailed analysis, with charts.
Brow Beat
Nov. 8 2012 11:35 AMWhich Presidents Have Been Portrayed on Film the Most?
Brow Beat
June 11 2012 4:13 PMWhich Pop Culture Property Do Academics Study the Most?
March 2 2012 6:45 AMHollywood’s New BeefcakesIf hunky actors were literally slabs of beef.
Brow Beat
Feb. 17 2012 6:28 PMWhat New Territory Is Left for The Simpsons? Our Complete Map.
Dec. 14 2011 3:55 PMThe Wildly Racist Caricature Holland Celebrates Every Christmas Season
  Slate Plus
Jan. 27 2015 11:18 AM Slate Voice: “American Liar” Listen to Mark Joseph Stern read his piece about Jesse Ventura’s defamation suit against Chris Kyle.