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Feb. 6 2014 10:51 AMHere’s Statistical Proof That February Movies Suck
Map of the Week
July 24 2013 8:30 AMU.S. vs. China in the International Popularity ContestInternational approval ratings for the U.S. and China, mapped.
Map of the Week
July 3 2013 4:44 PMGay Marriage Is Still Illegal for 70 Percent of AmericansPercent of the U.S. population in states where gay marriage is legal, charted.
Map of the Week
June 10 2013 5:13 PMCan George R.R. Martin Keep Up With HBO’s Game of Thrones? Probably.HBO’s Game of Thrones vs. George R.R. Martin’s writing speed, charted.
July 25 2013 4:09 PMBy George!In anticipation of King George VII, everything you need to know about Kings George I–VI.
July 12 2013 5:42 PMWhere Is Concealed Carry Legal? Everywhere but D.C.
Map of the Week
June 12 2013 10:23 AMThe Xbox One Isn’t That ExpensiveThe initial costs of the major video game consoles, adjusted for inflation.
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Jan. 30 2015 11:44 AM What Happened at Slate This Week? Social media guru Lindsey Underwood highlights the most popular stories of the week, from the Patriots to Tom Petty.