Bob Garfield

Bob Garfield, author most recently of the genre novel Bedfellows, is co-host of Slate’s Lexicon Valley and of WNYC’s On the Media.

Lexicon Valley
Dec. 15 2014 11:58 AMToo Much Grog Will Make You Groggy. But Where Does Grog Come From?Listen to Slate's show about the etymology of an 18th-century quaff, featuring lexicographer Ben Zimmer.
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 17 2014 12:31 PMHelp Solve the Mystery! Where Did Get One’s Goat Come From?Listen to Slate’s show about the etymology of a thoroughly caprine phrase, featuring lexicographer Ben Zimmer.
Feb. 13 2014 11:42 PMI Luv Big GovBig Government, will you be my Valentine?
The XX Factor
Jan. 11 2013 3:34 PM"Old Fart" Bob Garfield Responds to the Great Vocal Fry Outcry of 2013
Lexicon Valley
Dec. 1 2014 10:56 AMWhat Does It Mean to Sound Gay?Listen to Slate’s show about the myths and realities of the stereotypical gay man’s voice.
Lexicon Valley
Oct. 20 2014 9:09 AMWhere Did the Word Snark Come From?
Lexicon Valley
Jan. 15 2014 1:19 PMHow a Child's Universe Was Literally Turned Upside Down
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