Chef Dan Barber’s Hot Temper in the Kitchen (VIDEO)
Chef Dan Barber’s Hot Temper in the Kitchen
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March 22 2012 1:03 PM

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of My Kitchen!

Renowned chef Dan Barber reveals his temper flares and answers Slate reader questions.

Chef Dan Barber

Dan Barber may be best known for his deep commitment to sustainable, locally grown foods.  But the award-winning chef and restaurateur acknowledges he sometimes limits his inner locavore in pursuit of a delicious meal. 

In a recent interview with Jacob Weisberg, the mild-mannered Barber also revealed he has quite a temper when he’s in the kitchen.  And he answered Slate reader questions about the merits of organic wine and beer and whether or not top chefs have an obligation to help curb the obesity epidemic in the United States.

Here’s the first part of Barber’s interview, in which he explains why soil is the key to tasty food.  Look for a final installment, where Barber explains why vegetarians actually have a bit of blood on their hands.