Wimbledon 2011 grunting: Can you match the shriek to the tennis player?

The stadium scene.
June 28 2011 12:17 PM

Who Grunted?

Match the shriek to the tennis player—an interactive quiz.

Last week, the chief executive of Wimbledon's All England Lawn and Tennis Club declared that he would "prefer to see less grunting" at the famed grass-court tournament. Given this anti-noise stance, Wimbledon's poobahs might be disappointed that two of the noisiest players in the women's game, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, are still alive in the tournament. If those two meet to decide the title, ESPN's Pam Shriver noted on Monday's telecast, it would be the loudest final in Wimbledon history.

Tennis shrieking isn't just about volume—each player has her (or his) distinctive pitch and vocal range. So, how well do you know your grunters? Put your hearing to the test with this interactive quiz, in which you'll be asked to match 10 grunts to the players who made them. Good luck!

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