Kevin Garnett shows the world how to celebrate an NBA title.

The stadium scene.
June 18 2008 2:13 PM

Top of the World!

Kevin Garnett shows America how to celebrate an NBA title.

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The interview concludes, but the camera stays with Garnett  as he turns to find Bill Russell waiting to greet him with a benevolent grin and a bear hug. In a conversation earlier this year, the 11-time champion told Boston's new star that he would give him one of his hard-earned rings if the team failed to take it home this year. KG almost cried. Now, even the stiffest upper lip in Boston has to be quivering as Garnett and his forebear embrace. "I got one of my own," says Garnett. "I got my own." He steps back, looks at Russell, and says "I hope we made you proud."

A less weird individual might have left it at that, but Garnett has one more line for his mentor: "Now you got to tell me where to go tonight." Russell last won a championship for Boston in 1969. Unless the Celtics always celebrate their championships at the Warren Tavern (est. 1780), the old man's advice isn't going to be that useful. But this is at once a great statement of Garnett's respect for Celtic tradition and of how dedicated he's been to returning the franchise to its former glory—the man doesn't even know a good local bar for celebrating. Have a couple on us tonight, KG. You deserve it.

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