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Automated Greeting Cards and Poultry Pragmatism in the Slate Plus Digest

Automated Greeting Cards and Poultry Pragmatism in the Slate Plus Digest

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Aug. 19 2016 5:38 PM

Automated Greeting Cards and Poultry Pragmatism

The Slate Plus Digest for Aug. 19.


Photo illustration by Slate. Images by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, tonivaver/Thinkstock, screenshot via Gawker, Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images, and KsanasK/Thinkstock.

Hello again, my Slate Plus friends,

I’m sad that Gawker is gone, not just for abstract press-freedom reasons but because it was a great magazine. If you weren’t a Gawker reader and didn’t quite understand why people cared about it, here’s Slate’s Gawker reading list.

From Slate

  • Paul Manafort could wrangle Angolan guerrillas, Lebanese arms dealers, and Ukrainian strongmen, but Donald Trump finally broke him.
  • Why did animal-rights activists start focusing on chickens? Because of a new, pragmatic approach to altruism that “seems reasonable and rational up until the moment when it sounds totally insane.”
  • June Thomas got a thoughtful greeting card in the mail. Does it matter that it was sent via a web startup?
  • I really liked this Lexicon Valley post about the phrase “hot as balls,” although be warned that it contains words like balls.

Not from Slate

Read of the week, overall: Michelle Dean’s creepy true-crime medical thriller on a mother, a daughter, and a murder.

Read of the week, Trump division, from the right: Ross Douthat on Trump as the legacy of the sexual revolution.

Read of the week, Trump division, from the left: Corey Robin on Trump as the legacy of the conservative movement. Pick whichever most challenges your priors!

Read of the week, U.K. politics division: Tom Crewe’s clear-eyed, sympathetic look at Jeremy Corbyn and the movement that made him.

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