Book club discussion and podcast on Lev Grossman’s The Magicians trilogy.

Looking for Someone to Talk With About The Magician’s Land? We’ve Got You Covered.

Looking for Someone to Talk With About The Magician’s Land? We’ve Got You Covered.

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Nov. 7 2014 9:33 AM

The Audio Book Club Goes to The Magician’s Land

Our critics discuss the final volume of Lev Grossman’s fantasy trilogy.


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This month, Slate Book Review editor Dan Kois, slate assistant editor Miriam Krule, and founder of the Awl Choire Sicha discuss The Magician’s Land, the final novel in Lev Grossman’s Magicians trilogy. Does the novel fulfill the promise of the previous two? Is the entire series, as Choire claims in his Slate review, really about Julia, not Quentin? Why is Plum in there, anyway? Is that a deliberate Buffy shout-out?


Next month’s Audio Book Club selection is Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, the Booker Prize–nominated story of an all-too-human family. Pick up the book and join the Audio Book Club on Dec. 5 for our discussion.*

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Correction, Nov. 7, 2014: This post originally misstated the date for the next Audio Book Club. It will be posted on Dec. 5. 


Podcast produced by Abdul Rufus. The managing producer of Slate Podcasts is Joel Meyer and the executive producer is Andy Bowers.

Dan Kois edits and writes for Slate’s human interest and culture departments. He’s the co-author, with Isaac Butler, of The World Only Spins Forward, a history of Angels in America, and is writing a book called How to Be a Family.

Miriam Krule is a former Slate assistant editor. 

Choire Sicha is a co-founder of The Awl and the author of Very Recent History.