"The Sporkful" podcast tries new s'mores recipes.
"The Sporkful" podcast tries new s'mores recipes.
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May 10 2010 2:07 PM

"The Sporkful" on S'mores

Our guest food podcast updates a campfire favorite.

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On this week's episode of "The Sporkful,"Slate's guest podcast for May, hosts Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison debate whether it's possible to improve on what many consider the perfect campfire snack— s'mores. They're joined by 8-year-old Sporkful fan and fellow foodie Nathaniel Goodyear, who brings several variations of the classic confection into the studio. You can listen here:

You can also download the episode here or through the Slate Daily Podcast feed.


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Posted on May 10 by Andy Bowers at 2:05 p.m..

Andy Bowers, the creator and executive producer of Slate podcasts, is the co-founder and chief content officer of Panoply.

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