Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hours 23 and 24.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hours 23 and 24.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hours 23 and 24.

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May 23 2007 1:24 PM

Spoiling 24

Dissecting Day 6, Hours 23 and 24.

To listen to Slate's  Spoiler Special about Hours 23 and 24 of Season 6 of 24, click the arrow button on the player below:

June Thomas June Thomas

June Thomas is managing producer of Slate podcasts.

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Count that day lost whose low descending sun
Views from thy hand no worthy action done.


In other words, Day 6 of 24 has reached its conclusion in a "special two-hour television event," but don't expect Slate's spoiler team to be all happy-clappy about the direction this season took. Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., one character finally admitted she was tired, Josh Bauer confronted his grandfather, Jack Bauer confronted his father figure—oh, and war with Russia was narrowly averted.

As part of Slate's Spoiler Special podcast series, we've been hosting regular "post-view" discussions of Season 6 of 24. (Click here to listen to a discussion of the first four hours, here for a discussion of Hour 5, here for Hour 6, here for Hour 7, here for hours 8 and 9, here for Hour 10, here for Hour 11, here for Hour 12, here for Hour 13, here for Hour 14, here for Hour 15, here for Hour 16, here for Hour 17, here for Hour 18, here for Hour 19, here for Hour 20, here for Hour 21, and here for Hour 22.)

In this podcast, Slate's Meghan O'Rourke, June Thomas, and Julia Turner discuss the commentary on real-world events that crept into the concluding two hours, ask where the season went wrong, and respond to listeners' ideas for building a better Season 7.

Many thanks to Rachael Larimore, Troy Patterson, and Cliff Sloan who also appeared in the 24 Spoiler Specials and to all the listeners who wrote in with comments and suggestions.

Because we reveal plot twists in these chats, we recommend—but don't insist—that you watch the show before listening to the program.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on these podcasts—or about 24. Send e-mail to podcasts@slate.com.

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