Scott Walker at a cattle call, the Bernie Sanders poll, and Republican family values.

Hillary Isn’t Afraid of the Bernie Bump

Hillary Isn’t Afraid of the Bernie Bump

The crazed culture of politics.
June 9 2015 5:52 PM

Scott Walker, Easy Rider

Mark Leibovich, Annie Lowrey, and Alex Wagner on Bernie Sanders, the Republican cattle call, and family values.

Podcast for America.

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Listen to Episode 4 of Podcast for America!

Here’s Episode 4 of Podcast for America, “Scott Walker, Easy Rider.” As always, you’re welcome, America.


Podcast for America is your serious inside look at the shenanigans of the presidential campaign cycle. Guiding you on this journey every week are your hosts—Mark Leibovich of the New York Times Magazine and author of This Town; Annie Lowrey of New York magazine; and Alex Wagner, host of Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC.

On today’s episode they decide whether Bernie-mentum is certifiably a real thing yet. They ask all the important questions about the recent Republican cattle call in Iowa (mostly about Scott Walker and his motorcycle). And they examine a battle in the culture wars that, believe it or not, the Republicans are currently losing.

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Mark Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for New York Times Magazine and the author of This Town and Big Game.

Annie Lowrey is a contributing editor at the Atlantic.

Alex Wagner is the host of MSNBC’s Now With Alex Wagner.