Mom and Dad Are Fighting live show in Durham, North Carolina.

What Songs Do Your Children Love and You Absolutely Hate?

What Songs Do Your Children Love and You Absolutely Hate?

Slate's parenting podcast.
June 18 2015 12:16 PM

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Live From Durham” Edition

Listen as Slate’s parenting podcast discusses indie-rock dadhood and the songs kids love and parents hate.

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This week’s edition of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting is a recording of our very first live show, at Motorco in Durham, North Carolina! Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois are joined onstage by Mac McCaughan, lead singer of Superchunk and head of Merge Records, to talk about parenting while living a creative life. Then, Allison quizzes Dan and Mac about Dad Things for Father’s Day. Plus triumphs and fails (Dan’s are presented in the form of two short plays), parenting questions from the audience, and a live song from Mac’s great new solo album, Non-Believers.


This week on Slate Plus, Mac covers his kids’ favorite songs—with his kids right there in the audience.

Items not discussed in the show but that we want to tell you about anyway:

Mom and Dad recommend:


This week we recommended an audience-created playlist of songs that kids love and parents cannot stand! As a service to you, our listener, we’ve embedded it here.

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Live show produced by Joel Meyer at Motorco. Thanks to Merge Records. Podcast produced by Ann Heppermann. Our intern is Jessie Chasan-Taber.

Allison Benedikt is Slate’s executive editor. Follow her on Twitter.

Dan Kois edits and writes for Slate’s human interest and culture departments. He’s the co-author, with Isaac Butler, of The World Only Spins Forward, a history of Angels in America, and is writing a book called How to Be a Family.