NFL 2012: Hang Up and Listen on pro football’s opening week, the wives and girlfriends of ex-players, and the U.S. Open.

Slate’s Sports Podcast on the Wives of NFL Players Suffering from Dementia

Slate’s Sports Podcast on the Wives of NFL Players Suffering from Dementia

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Slate's sports podcast.
Sept. 10 2012 7:06 PM

Hang Up and Listen: The Quarterbacks Are Back Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the return of football, NFL wives, and the U.S. Open.


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In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis, Mike Pesca, and Dan Steinberg talk about Robert Griffin III’s debut, replacement refs, and everything else in Week 1 of the NFL. They also speak with Sports Illustrated’s Melissa Segura about the burdens of the wives and girlfriends of former NFL players suffering from dementia. Finally, the Wall Street Journal’s Tom Perrotta joins the show to discuss the U.S. Open, including Serena Williams’ sensational run, the Taylor Townsend controversy, and Andy Roddick’s retirement.

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